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Friday, August 13, 2010

new blog

we now have a new blog which is part of our website.

please come and visit us, read, enjoy, ask questions, post comments....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

giftboxology boxes

i don't know why i haven't done this before - uploading some pics of how we package up our gift box orders. it doesn't cost extra. each box is filled with woodwool to protect the contents, wrapped in a coloured belli band (green, blue or pink - hot pink is my fav), secured with the twine and one our custom-made gift tags. 

each box is lovingly packed here in Brisbane by me. each gift tag message is hand-written by me.

hope you have a lovely weekend

jen x

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

bondi chai - what is it?

recently we added a new range to the store, a whole bunch of gourmet gifts, all Australian, many organic, and all very special and unique, one of the products that stands out is the BONDI CHAI -

What is BONDI CHAI i hear you ask?

bondi chai - now available
in the giftboxology shop
well its chai tea - a delicious blend of creamy milk, black tea, honey, vanilla and exotic spices. 

Would BONDI CHAI make a nice gift?

of course! Bondi Chai was created and blended in Australia and has won a gold medal. so its quality.  its also a nice variation to the typical tea or coffee gift - Bondi Chai has a small amount of caffeine (about the same as a green tea) and goes perfectly anytime of the day with some tasty snacks...
we've added Bondi Chai to a number of our gift boxes...
afternoon tea gift box
taste of australia - gourmet gift box
australian address book gift box

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

the latest giftboxology news - your Australian-made gift specialists

gday giftboxology friends!

we've had some busy weeks at giftboxology hq - sending our first gift box overseas (a new parents box was sent to dundalk in ireland!), adding lots of new stock to the shop and creating our new line of gourmet hampers...

christmas gift ideas

i am currently putting together some ideas for christmas gift boxes. i would love to hear any ideas you have for a great Australian-made christmas gift. please email me or post your suggestions on the facebook page and there will be a PRIZE for the most amazing suggestion. the winner will be announced in our next email newsletter.

gourmet gift box love

i've been wanting to include a gourmet food range for awhile now, who doesn't like food? i've got a few hampers in the store now and will be adding to our range over the coming weeks. i have heaps of lovely stuff so please let me know if you would like me to put together a customised box for someone you love or an upcoming event. why not send some Australia overseas?

new stock
australian address book gift box

we have recently added a new line of journals, notebooks and address books from Beckoning Designs, they are handmade in country Victoria. i am pretty excited about finally getting these into the shop, they are so lovely and i think make just a beautiful gift. you can add to an existing gift box, make up your own or choose one of the new gift boxes that we added this week...

green gifts for all

we have added a new category on the website - gifts for everyone containing a selection of gift boxes between $30-$50 for a multitude of occasions: birthday, thankyou, new parents, housewarming, thinking of you, foodie, travel or a little something special for yourself (the Blue Bird Journal is super useful as a travel journal, recipe journal, notebook for your handbag to record those important thoughts or a lovely diary for the bedside drawers).

customised gifts

we have the create-your-own gift box feature in the store now so you can select every gift item for your personalised box. if there is something that you would love please let me know as i am more than happy to source it for you. in fact it would be my pleasure, i love fossicking around for new Australian-made gifts.

facebook/twitter us

if you aren't already following us please remember that we are on facebook and twitter. they are updated more regularly than the email news.

so until next time. farewell from giftboxology hq.


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Monday, August 2, 2010

designed in Australia is not the same thing as made in Australia

Unless it says something like this it's likely made offshore
last week i purchased a box of [.....] for the store. was very excited about adding the product to the store and had lots of pics taken of the product, both on its own and with other products to make up some nice new gift boxes....anyway....

i was doing some last minute reading about the product on the company's website so i could put some info on our store website. then it dawned on me, nowhere had i read 'Australian-made', so i had a quick trawl of the site, nothing. had a slightly stressed, but more in-depth trawl, as well as checking out the written material that had arrived...nothing...lots of 'designed in Melbourne' wording but nothing to tell me where its made...

India... oh no.

so out of the store and back to the company. totally my fault, the company never told me it was Australian-made...i never asked....i just assumed, i suppose i was seeing 'designed in Melbourne' everywhere that i never thought to question where the product was made...

so to ensure you are purchasing quality Australian-made ....

1. Ask/email/telephone the company 'is your product made in Australia' (not designed, idea conceived, sold, bought into, etc, etc....)

2. if the labelling says that its 'designed in Australia' you can generally assume correctly that its made in China, or India, or somewhere the labour costs are cheap

Sunday, August 1, 2010

baby shower gift ideas

if you need some inspiration for baby shower ideas then head over to gift ideas by the stars for a list of 25 ideas...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

gourmet gift boxes

Taste of Australia - one of our new gourmet gift boxes
we have sourced some lovely new Australian-made gourmet products and put together a few gourmet gift boxes which i think would be a nice gift for lots of occasions. a birthday, house-warming, thankyou, even someone new to the country.

i wanted to try my hand at some corporate gifts too, we are more than happy to put together a custom-made gift box of goodies - one or a hundred, or anywhere in between, please drop me an email or give me a call 0449 188 949 - i would love to do my best to help.